About Glory Tours

About Glory Tours

• Serving the needs of pilgrims since 1997.

• Our mission is to provide the very best pilgrimage experience possible.

• We specialize in overseas pilgrimage sites that have a distinct Catholic Christian interest.

• We serve churches, organizations, group leaders and other travel agencies on wholesale basis.

• We tailor our pilgrimages to fit the exact needs and specifications of our groups.

• We organize our tours and pilgrimages to fit budgets, cover the destinations wanted and fulfill special needs of the groups.

• Our strength, besides providing very cost effective prices, is our hands on quality control.

• We make sure our pilgrims are comfortable, safe and satisfied.

• Our tour guides are the very best in providing accurate, historical and religious information about each site they visit.

• With many personal testimonies to support our customer-oriented management, we proudly say our pilgrims are 98% satisfied and look forward to future Glory tours.

• We are certain a “Glory Tours Pilgrimage Tour” will be quite rewarding for anyone.

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Phone: 1-800-768-6986
Fax:      1-202-558-4875
Email:   info@glory-tours.com
Address: 1629 K. Street, N.W. Suite# 300
Washington, DC 20006